Saturday, October 9, 2010

Applefest Run to the Edge Scenic 5K Race Report

This is my Applefest Scenic Run to the Edge 5K Race Report!  Yea, yea, the race was Sept 18th but I’m just finding the energy to write it now.  In fact, I just viewed the results to this race published Monday online so in my defense I waited to get the official race times to write my report.  I have many things I’d like to report and I will get to them eventually but it’s just about time I write this one so here I go. 

I can’t believe it was three weeks ago.  It seems so much longer!  As I’ve reported before, since I ran the Ragnar Relay Great River and maybe before, I was having over training issues and I was in physical therapy for a “damaged” left leg.  The pain just seemed to migrate from one part of my leg to another but just as I was finally feeling better, on Sept 9th I pulled “something” in my left calf.

I ran the Morrie Miller 5K on Sept. 11th then a week later I ran this one.  I actually was sick for this one.  I spent an entire day in bed on Sept 17th as I explained in my post SOWL Challenge #9 Get Back on Track.  So for this race, I would be happy to just finish