Saturday, October 9, 2010

Applefest Run to the Edge Scenic 5K Race Report

This is my Applefest Scenic Run to the Edge 5K Race Report!  Yea, yea, the race was Sept 18th but I’m just finding the energy to write it now.  In fact, I just viewed the results to this race published Monday online so in my defense I waited to get the official race times to write my report.  I have many things I’d like to report and I will get to them eventually but it’s just about time I write this one so here I go. 

I can’t believe it was three weeks ago.  It seems so much longer!  As I’ve reported before, since I ran the Ragnar Relay Great River and maybe before, I was having over training issues and I was in physical therapy for a “damaged” left leg.  The pain just seemed to migrate from one part of my leg to another but just as I was finally feeling better, on Sept 9th I pulled “something” in my left calf.

I ran the Morrie Miller 5K on Sept. 11th then a week later I ran this one.  I actually was sick for this one.  I spent an entire day in bed on Sept 17th as I explained in my post SOWL Challenge #9 Get Back on Track.  So for this race, I would be happy to just finish

It was a nice brisk morning, perfect weather for a race.  Mr. Man and I did our warm-up, he more than I since I was not feeling well.  It was a tad bit cool so I made the decision to wear the long sleeved technical shirt we received in our race packet and I’m glad I did.  It was perfect. I would have been too cold.   

We positioned ourselves within the pack of runners, moving towards the middle-front of the pack to find a nice spot.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to go with my calf issue and my sickness.  I just wanted to finish. 

We have run this race before; it is a very scenic course, and a bit challenging as well.  We basically run up the side of the bluff for about 2.5 miles then down to the finish.  I love hills and this is not a race to compare to others for PR but it is a nice fun course. 

As I ran the course, I started to remember.  It does tend to roll a bit up so some nice ups and downs before the final grueling ascent then a quick down to the finish.  I started to think, “Next year I can do this”.

I hadn’t run since the Morrie Miller 5K so my body wasn’t conditioned for running and being sick, I really wasn’t conditioned for running.  At first I didn’t think the cold was going to hold me back but after about a mile in I started to feel dizzy and knew that the cold was definitely going to be an issue this time. Also, I was babying that calf so much that I opted to walk a few lengths of the course. 

Once I reached the top I decided I had no more excuses.  I was warmed up and sick or not I was going to run it in.  So down the hill I flew.  I kept calculating in my head, based on my pace, what I needed to do to make it in less than 40 min.  I sprinted across the finish line wishing I had pushed myself more before now and looking forward to next year when I could run it strong, fast and prepared.  I made it in exactly 40:00 min.  I had so hoped it would be even 39:59 but I crossed the line at 40:00. 

Mr. Man met me around the last corner and ran it in with me which I appreciated very much.  I received my ticket at the finish and we got in line for our free bag of apples. I also got a very nice drawstring bag.  The finish was nicely stocked with fruit, water, and yummy cookies. We loaded our apples up in our drawstring bags and hiked it back to the start which was a few blocks away.  We went home and I was happily able to have a productive day.  I had succeeded, I had finished the race.  It was a good start to the beginning of my recovery.  After this race I decided I was done being injured and sick.  It was time to get it back in gear.

Last but not least and arguably the best part of the day, in Applefest Run to the Edge Scenic 5K tradition, Mr. Man made homemade apple pies. He used an old family recipe with a delicious homemade crust.  We served slices with vanilla ice cream to family and friends.  He is the best and the pies were absolutely the best.  “This is better than my mom makes” was our friend’s direct quote.  It was the perfect reward for a race day. 


  1. OMG! my mouth watered after seeing those pies! I can almost taste it. any chance of sharing the recipe? hehe ;p

  2. This really is a horrible picture of me but I wanted pictures for my race report! I really need to add more posts so this one can drop off.