Friday, July 30, 2010

SOWL Weekly Weigh-In

It's time for the weekly weigh-in and again, the SOWL widget is updated.

It has been a Crazy Week of Running for me.  Last Saturday I had a really emotional day so when it came time to my Long Run of Emotional Recovery, I really ran long!  When I got home and weighed in, I had hit my next mini 5 lb goal!  Amazingly I weighed the same Sunday morning and this morning as well.

My body is weird, for some reason I gained and lost 4 lbs this week.  I just don't get it.  I didn't eat anything I shouldn't have, I just kept on with the normal routine but I think it must be water retention or maybe even I'm building muscle.  My clothes are definitely looser but the weight loss is slow.

Also of significance, I have finally lost 1 more pound since May 26th!  June was a terrible month and I unbelievably managed to gain 8-10 lbs.  I finally got my schedule under control and lost the gained weight plus 1 more lb. Now I'm back on track but behind 10 lb. on monthly goals.  I should have been 159 lb August 1st but I screwed up June and it took July to get back on track.

It is amazing how difficult it is to lose weight (and easy to gain) after 40.  I just keep focusing on the fitness and running and I know it will come.  I suspect that my progress will be much slower from here on out but I will be happy with any progress! I'm happy for this challenge because it is holding me accountable and keeping me on track.  Thank you so much Kerrie!

Hey! I hit my mini goal! It's time for my mini goal reward!

Crazy Week of Running

Well, it was a crazy week of running for me! After the 12.8 mile Saturday, I had a much needed day of rest on Sunday.

Monday was another crazy emotional day and I was determined to get my strength conditioning workouts in and a 5 mile run.

First thing I did was spend some time making Spicy Bok Choy in Garic Sauce.  I really have fun with cooking.  I haven't had the time for some real cooking in a long time.  I love to cook, both for family and to entertain friends.  It was great to take the time to make a kitchen creation thanks to SWOL Challenge #2.

Then I spent some time blogging about Saturday's run and the Bok Choy recipe and then finally I got to my strength conditioning DVD.  It was really getting late but I was determined. 

I got out for my run after 11 p.m. and It was still very hot and humid.  I was excited to take the Petzl Tikka Plus headlamp and Amphipod Xinglet's reflective vest for a trial run.   As I headed out I felt like such a dork but it was so cool!  I could see and be seen and I no longer fear after dark runs. I only managed to run 2 miles of the 5 miles I had planned but it was late and I just was glad to get enough miles in to push me over 100 miles for the month.  :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jicama Chili Sticks

I am posting another new vegetable for SWOL challenge #2.  I know the challenge was try one new fruit and one new vegetable but I found this strange looking vegetable and I had to give it a try.  It's called a Jicama [hee-kuh-muh]. 
Again, as I said in my my SWOL challenge #2 post, I read that jicama contains a high amount of vitamin C, is low in sodium, and has no fat. One  serving or 1 cup of cubed jicama contains only 45 calories.
Here is the recipe I decided to try.  I read this is the way it is sold by street vendors in LA and in Mexico so I thought it would be a good recipe to start with.  

SOWL Challenge #3: Confess! What is your worst eating moment?

The Summer of Weight Loss challenge #3 is Confess! What was your worst eating moment?

Again, I am way behind since this challenge was posted on July 14th but that's one day after I joined the challenge.  I finished challenge 1 on July 14th and challenge 2 is partially finished as of July 26th so here I go with challenge 3.

I'm not sure about this one but I suppose I could discuss my weight loss history.  I would say I was between 125 and 140 for most of my pre-baby life.  Not ideal but not overweight.  I think it was babies 3, 4, and 5 that pushed me over.  I had them 18 months apart approximately and it took it's toll.  After baby 3 I lost the weight but then 4 and 5 happened and that was the end of it. There was too much stress in my life at that point and I think I peaked in 2001. I soon lost about 1/2 of the weight but that was about it for several years. There are always ups and downs but I think it was divorce 2 that pushed a big up, never near the peak, but up. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Spicy Bok Choy in Garlic Sauce

I know I just posted SWOL challenge #2 today but I said I would be cooking Spicy Bok Choy in Garlic Sauce for dinner and I did!  It was SO good I had to post about it before I head off to workout. Here is the recipe from

Spicy Bok Choy in Garlic Sauce


  • 1 pound bok choy
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger root
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
  • 1 tablespoon light soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes (optional)

The Long Run of Emotional Recovery

I originally had this run posted under my Ragnar Relay Training Diary but it was eventful enough for an entire post.

Saturday was a very emotional day and I had to get out the door to run it off. I had planned a 10 mile run. The schedule says 12 miles but last week I only managed 8 miles in The Run (Walk) of Mishaps so I planned 10 miles.

SOWL Challenge #2: Try one new vegetable and one new fruit

The Summer of Weight Loss challenge #2 is to try one new vegetable and one new fruit.  I am week behind since I just found the challenge on July 13th!  I finished the first challenge on July 14th so I'm really behind.  I've been focusing more on my fitness progress than nutritional aspects.  I have just been sticking to healthy diet options, and fueling and recovery for runs. 

So I went shopping and here is what I found.  I haven't tried them yet but I wanted to post what I found to try.   I love to cook so finding recipes to enjoy them will be fun for me. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

SOWL Weekly Weigh-In

It's weekly weigh in time and the SOWL widget is updated.

Over the past week I've lost 1 1/2 lb. I should be happy but I'm a little disappointed.  I still have 1 1/2 lb. to go to the next goal and still 1/2 lb up since May 26.  I do have a female related excuse this week so I should really be happy.

There were so many opportunities this week to lose the weight.  If I was able to run Thursday morning...I would have been able to log a bigger loss.  I ate too late at night last night to log any loss this morning.  I was super hungry after my 5 mile run and yoga and it was between 9 and 10 p.m.  I know my body, if I eat that late, the morning scale will hate me.  Plus I didn't run this morning either since I was up so late last night.

So I am hoping to be able to weigh in less soon and next week be able to report I've met my next 5 lb goal.  Reward here I come!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Relay Nutrition

First of all, in response to a couple comments on my What to bring the day of the race post, I am testing out fueling options as part of my training.

The first thing I learned is just water wasn't cutting it on anything over 3 miles for me.  This is when I bought my Nathan Speed 4R.  It can carry up to 32 oz of fluid or gel.  I just fill them with water for now.  I haven't bought gel to fill the 8 oz flasks yet but I just found the 26 serving jugs of Hammer Gel I am going to try.  I think I'll give a single serve pack a taste first before I commit to a 26 serving jug though.  I know I like the taste of Gu Energy Gel but it only comes in the single serve packs of which apparently the Nathan flasks can hold 5 of but I really don't want to open and squeeze 5 packs into a flask.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vegetable Stir Fry Mix

I've been wanting to post this for a while.  I first tried to submit it to which is now  They kinda ate my submission til today when it was not approved.  Well, I can't very well put quantities on something I cut up and put in a Tupperware and use as desired!  So I'm posting it here.  Why? Because eating properly is huge for weight loss and getting veggies in my diet is sometimes so difficult!  This makes it so easy. 

This vegetable mix is easy to cook and is very versatile.  I have cooked it as side dish for dinner and added eggs for breakfast.  Add hot sauce, or salt and pepper or any seasonings you like.  I have a Tupperware of chopped vegetables just waiting to discover the next delicious dish.  Credit goes to Jessie T. for introducing this idea!  I love it when I learn new things.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What to bring the day of the race

With all the running I'm doing, I'm starting to figure out exactly what I will need come race day.

First, after every run I am soaked from head to foot so I definitely will need 3 complete changes of clothing:  shirt, shorts/skirt, headband, underwear and socks.  I only have 2 exercise bras so that will have to do.

Next is proper nutrition which I'm studying. From what I read I need high glycemic foods while running and for recovery after a run and low glycemic foods between runs.  I will make that a subject of a future post.

Of course there are the safety items.  I remembered that each team needs 4 headlamps but after as sweaty as I get while running I decided I do not want to put on someone's gross sweaty headlamp band so I bought a Petzl Tikka Plus. Chafe preventive Body Glide goes on this list too.  I also have 2 Amphipod Xinglet's which should satisfy the reflective vest requirements.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Celebrating 100 Miles!

I just noticed that I have now logged 100 miles since I first started using my Garmin on 5/28.  :)  After only 2 runs in May and 5 runs June I finally think I have a momentum going with 14 runs and 68.3 miles so far in July.  Congratulations to me! ~*~*~*~

Rangar Training Schedule

Here it is!  The training schedule I came up with. 

The week of 6/28, 7/5 and most of 7/12 are pre-plan results.  Starting 7/16 I did my first "2x run" (2 runs in a day).  Then on Saturday I managed barely an 8M (instead of 10M) which I dubbed "The Run (Walk) of Mishaps".  I learned a ton of lessons, which is the idea of a training plan I think. In the end I ran a 16 miles in a Ragnar time frame (24 hrs).  Yay me! :)

The key points of the plan as I see it, which I pulled from the Ragnar Relay Intermediate Training Plan are (in my own lingo) "easy run" Monday's, "hill work" Tuesday's, "pace work" Wednesday's , "recovery run" Friday's, "2x run" or "distance run" Thursday's, "3x runs" or "long run" Saturday's and much needed "rest day" Sunday's.  I noticed the 2x and 3x runs alternate so one week is a "2x run" Thursday and the next week is a "3x run" Saturday. This should be interesting.

I can't wait to see how well I can stick to this plan and the results!  I've never had a real training plan before other than just running.  I think that I finally have a habit of running.  I'm sure I won't be excited about every run but at least I think I can stick to it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Run (Walk) of Mishaps

It's hard to know where to begin. I guess I'll start from when I knew things were going wrong.  It seems like such a strong word though, it wasn't really going "wrong" I just knew things weren't quite right.

Thursday, I finally put together a training plan for the Ragnar Relay.  It's only 5 weeks away!  I have been just trying to get in the habit of running, running to lose the weight, and to increase my pace.   I went to the Ragnar Relay suggested training plan for intermediate runners and decided to pull from that basic idea to create my own plan. (The subject of my next post.)

First thing I noticed was twice daily runs so yesterday I did a 4M/4M.   At 7 a.m. I ran a nice 4 mile in beautiful weather then ran it again at 6 p.m. in hot, humid, overcast weather.  Amazingly I ran them almost exactly the same with a comfortable 12:11 min/mile and 12:13 min/mile average moving pace respectively.

Friday, July 16, 2010

SOWL Weekly Weigh-In

I've updated my SOWL Widget with the weekly weigh-in!

Nothing much to report other than it was a good week for weight loss.  I still have a 2 lb gain since 5/26 but I'm running it off quite nicely now! Nothing can stop me now!

When I hit the next 5 lb goal at...well, since I'm publishing numbers now I might as well just say it...169, (ugh!) I think I'll treat myself to a pedicure/manicure and a nice healthy dinner out.  It seems like a lot of rewards but I have been struggling with the 170's for too long.  I will be glad to say GOODBYE!

For a nice healthy dinner out, I'm thinking of The Harbor View Cafe in Pepin, WI.  I've heard great things!  Does anyone want to go with?

I'm still struggling to find one of those nail salons with the rows of salon pedi-chairs where I can just sit and chat side by side with a friend and relax while having my feet pampered.  Doesn't that sounds fabulous?  If anyone has a suggestion as to where, please leave me a comment!

Wow, I'm motivating myself. I better get back to it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Pace

I did it! I finally pushed a sub 12 min/mile.  Granted it was only a 3 mile run but that is what I think I'm going to use the 3 mile runs for, to push harder and train my body to endure.  So here's the stats:

Time: 00:35:57
Distance: 3.07 mi
Elevation Gain: 118 ft.
Elevation Loss: 139 ft.
Moving Time: 00:35:45 (accounting for stopping for traffic)
Best Pace: 8:44 min/mile
Avg HR: 175 bpm (this is up but I pushed harder)

Split 1: 10:25 min/mile
Split 2: 11:37 min/mile
Split 3: 12:59 min/mile

Avg Pace: 11:42 min/mile
Avg Moving Pace: 11:38 min/mile

As far as elevation, the first mile is basically downhill, some rolling but mostly down.  The second mile is basically flat, and the third is mostly uphill.  So the spit times make sense, right?

So I'm excited!  It is still embarrassing but it is improvement for me.  Now to just keep trying to maintain a more constant pace and keep pushing!  Again, a lot of 9 min/mile peaks in the graph so I just need to start eliminating more of the dips and my pace will be up.  Watching my pace really helps.

Realize, in 2008, my 5K PR is 33:07 but I was 28 lb lighter then.  Based on that I might actually be doing better.  I bet my could PR by a long shot if i was 28 lb lighter, right? 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Summer of Weight Loss

Today I found a cool blog:

Mom vs. Marathon

Mom vs Marathon has posted a summer weight loss challenge called The Summer of Weight Loss.  To join, she asks that you send her an email with your name, your goal weight and your starting weight.

Each week, usually on a Wednesday, she'll post a challenge.  So far, we need to pick a weigh-in-day, post your starting weight (if you want) and your goal weight, measurements and your before picture on your own blog.

Since I just found this site today, I am a bit behind but I've emailed my intentions to join the challenge.  The 7/5 challenge is to try one new vegetable and one new fruit this week.  I'll have to catch up and hit the co-op or farmer's market and find something to try!  It's good to find things to post about.  I'm loving this challenge already, although I'm a little shy about posting actual numbers, but it's definitely a motivator. 

Each week she'll post the results of the weekly weigh in during her Wednesday challenge along with at link to your blog.  She asks that you email her your results by 9 a.m. PST every Wednesday.  

The challenge is from July 1, 2010 to Sept 22, 2010. 

Challenge #1:

So here goes my part:

Monday, July 12, 2010

An Upswing...and so much to share!

So much has happened and it is hard to know where to start. So I'll just dive into a topic.  I finished my first 10K race!   I started thinking my purpose was so the person in front of me was not last. Hey, it's a purpose...and best of all it was a PR since it was my first 10K.  It was a beautiful course, lots of rolling hills but nothing too difficult. I was as slow as I expected but I did it!

Now a few words about my "running partner".  I love my Garmin Forerunner 405CX.  I can't believe the stats it produces.  I'm so glad I had it on this race.  My best pace was 6:47 min/mile which is insane. My pace at the finish was 9:59 min/mile and my average moving pace was 12:35 min/mile.  The Garmin certainly gives me an overall picture of my progress.  If I can just make those dips in pace not dip so far so often.  I'm thinking there is hope for me yet! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon, October 30, 2010

The Monster Dash Half, 10-Mile, 5K and 5K-9 races are filled with great scenery, not just the Halloween costumes people wear, but the fall color is at its peak in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area during our race.  The routes for this race take advantage of that, taking runners in and around some of the most scenic areas Minneapolis has to offer:  including Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun and a portion of Minnehaha Parkway.

This looks like fun!  I can't wait to register for the whole series in 2011!

The Polar Dash in January
The Get Lucky 7K in March
The Minneapolis Marathon and 1/2 Marathon in June
The Minneapolis Duathalon in August
The Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon in October

Ragnar Relay Great River, August 20-21, 2010

This is the one, the race I'm training for.  My reason to keep going.  At least until August 21, then there will be the next big race.  I'm so excited!  Doesn't it sound like fun?

Ragnar Relay Great River is turning 5 this year. What better way to celebrate than a 193-mile party with 11 of your best friends.

SO HOW DOES IT WORK? Teams of 12 will run along the world-famous Mississippi River as they rock out, enjoy the wacky participant costumes, and make life-long friends with teammates and competitors. The party runs along the Great River Road starting in Winona, MN cutting into Wisconsin and ending in Minneapolis, MN with FREE PIZZA and ALMOST FREE BEER ($2 pints).

Medtronic TC 10 mile, October 3, 2010

UPDATE: I was not selected!  There is always next year.

Also known as "The Shortcut to the Capitol," the 12th Annual Medtronic TC 10 Mile race starts near the HHH Metrodome and shares the last seven miles of the marathon course, including the spectacular finish at the State Capitol.

Lottery Registration opens Monday, July 5 and closes Wednesday, July 14

I can't believe I entered a lottery for a 8,000 person race.  I have no idea if I'll be selected, but it sounds like fun!

The drawing will be held on Thursday, July 15 and lottery results will be available at by 3 p.m. Friday, July 16.

Catfish Days 10K 2010, July 11, 2010

I registered by email today! I'm committed now...although I registered the family for the BK 5K and most of us were sick. The day of the race was the first day I finally felt better, but I didn't make anyone run.

This one is only me, so I'm committed. Wake up early, nourish, hydrate, prepare, finish, drive home. I guess technically a PR is a given since I've never ran a 10K race before. My average pace is slow, I expect to finish in 1:15. At least it's a PR I expect I can beat soon...on my next 10K, right?

Training: July 3-7, 2010

Time to ramp it back up...again.  June was a difficult month.  I noticed I haven't lost weight since my last record on May 26th.  At least I'm not gaining, at least not that much.  If I keep running I should be able to catch up with my 5 lb a month goal.

Here was the plan: I started with a 5K run the morning I left for my trip.  Then I mapped out some runs on for both cities I traveled to and actually stuck with the plan!  I managed 4.15 mile on Sunday and 5.2 miles on Monday.  Tuesday was travel home day and instead of running I napped off the travel.  Funny how you can sit in a car for hours and be tired when you get home.

I also switched from (NOT) finding time in the evening to run to mornings.  MUCH better! :)  I just have to fight with the obeying the alarm clock and going to bed at a decent hour. 

This morning I did a 6 mile run.  My Avg HR is going down...again, and my average pace is going down...again.  So frustrated to have to basically start over but it's improving fast.  Distance still doesn't seem to be a problem but average pace needs to improve.  I'm concerned  I won't be running 10 minute mile pace by Ragnar but it's still possible.

So total mileage so far in July...18.

10 Ways to Beat the Bloat |

I woke up bloated today but no weight gain.  Weight loss can be frustrating!  I'm thinking my body redistributes all the weight around my middle before I loose it cause there just is no reason for it.  I quit diet coke, I drink water...hoping to get a couple tips from this article.

10 Ways to Beat the Bloat |

Friday, July 2, 2010

Training: Week of June 21st, 2010

Planned miles: 34. Actual miles: 10.2.  Well, at least I did something.

It was a sporadic week of intentions.  I am stagnant in my weight loss, I’m slowing down in my workouts and my periods of focus are few and far between but I’m still determined.

Today is another day.  Another day to start again, make goals and push forward.  I’m convinced life change is not easy.  I am shocked when I fall back into old habits.

I choose to make new habits and make the old ones die, though it is definitely a process.

Today is a new day, time to make a plan of attack for this weeks battles of life.

JUN 30 2010 post

Trail Running in Mill Creek Park

I love how this looks like a painting!

JUN 25 2010 post 

A Blogger Start

I have been posting my fitness progress on facebook but I decided to start blogging about it instead.  I’ve struggled most of my life with getting to or staying at a healthy weight.  I’ve never been terribly obese or anything.  Nothing more than a few pregnancy, and depression triggered weight gain periods but it has certainly been a struggle.

Currently I have 45 lbs to my goal weight.  I’ve been actively pushing fitness and pursuing a healthy lifestyle change since mid-February 2010.  I’ve lost 22 lbs and have a fitness level unlike any I’ve ever recorded.  Historically, I still have 26 lbs gained since the end of 2008.  I was frustratingly within 19 lbs of my final weight goal and then 2009 happened.  The economy was not the only thing that was depressed.  It took it’s toll on me mentally as well.  Now I’m back on track and determined to become the fit, active person I want to be and am running it off!

2010 Race Goals

Longest run ever, this is good.  I ran an easy 7.2 miles yesterday.  With the aid of my Nathan Speed 4R, Clif Shot Blocks, and a terry towel I had an easy comfortable run.  Eliminated the sweat in my eyes problem, kept hydrated and energized, and ran it easy.  Full of energy, no struggling, no pain.  :)  I still need to work on a better average pace but I’m convinced distance isn’t going to be an issue. 

This years goals:
I’d like to do a couple more 10K runs and start doing Tri’s

And the big goal, a 10 minute mile average pace

Race Goal Times for 2010
5K < 30 min
10K < 1 hr
1/2 Marathon < 2.25 hrs

JUN 25 2010 post