Monday, June 16, 2014

Jogging vs Running

A friend recently posted his Monday Motivational Discussion, how do you feel when someone calls you jogger which of course led to my response. "It bothers me less. I used to want to punch people in the throat. I think the word should be eliminated. Do we have any other sports with different terms for recreational vs professional? Was jogger a cool word that has become derogatory or was it intended negative? I am going to Google jogger now..."

My quick search led to the fact it is coach and Nike founder Bill Bowerman's fault.

Also the accepted jogging running threshold is the 10 min mile.

What do you think?

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am a runner

I was teary eyed when I read this blog post.  This was posted by a runner at

Here is an excerpt:

"If you were motivated enough to train for and participate in an organized running event, then you were a runner. Anyone willing to risk public failure in order to be a part of the running community--no matter what his or her pace per mile might be--was a runner. Period."

It is a must read!


Thursday, January 13, 2011


I haven't been here in a while, mostly because I lost momentum. I think I will start posting here again soon but in the meantime you can catch up with me at SparkPeople

I went on a search to find a way to plan meals so I could follow The Runner's Diet and I found SparkPeople. 

It is awesome because the nutritional goals are based on my fitness goals which is great.  I've lost 8 lbs since I signed up and the best part is it is FREE! 

DailyMile is still my #1 place to post my workouts but I am loving the Nutrition Tracker at SparkPeople. 

I also love my SparkPage and I have been posting to the blog daily.  I am using it more as a food tracker and I will use this site for race reports, and anything else I decide but until I make more progress on my weight loss you can follow my blog at SparkPeople

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Applefest Run to the Edge Scenic 5K Race Report

This is my Applefest Scenic Run to the Edge 5K Race Report!  Yea, yea, the race was Sept 18th but I’m just finding the energy to write it now.  In fact, I just viewed the results to this race published Monday online so in my defense I waited to get the official race times to write my report.  I have many things I’d like to report and I will get to them eventually but it’s just about time I write this one so here I go. 

I can’t believe it was three weeks ago.  It seems so much longer!  As I’ve reported before, since I ran the Ragnar Relay Great River and maybe before, I was having over training issues and I was in physical therapy for a “damaged” left leg.  The pain just seemed to migrate from one part of my leg to another but just as I was finally feeling better, on Sept 9th I pulled “something” in my left calf.

I ran the Morrie Miller 5K on Sept. 11th then a week later I ran this one.  I actually was sick for this one.  I spent an entire day in bed on Sept 17th as I explained in my post SOWL Challenge #9 Get Back on Track.  So for this race, I would be happy to just finish

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cycling in Bluff Country

We are fortunate enough to live in one of the most gorgeous areas with miles and miles of country roads to cycle just outside our door.  We have some of the best hill climbing for cycling in the country.  We live in bluff country in south eastern Minnesota where nature abounds.  We have the privilege of riding some of the best roads both in Minnesota and Wisconsin for cycling. 

County Road 21 Winona, MN
Fall is upon us and soon we will have to bring in our bikes for the winter.  Since I have been concentrating on running I have not gotten out there as much as I would have liked this season and I have sincerely missed my bike.  

County Road 21 Winona, MN
These are some pictures from last nights ride. It was an amazingly warm 76 degrees when we set out.  We had to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather before it is gone for the season.   I amazingly rode up CR 21 without stopping, straight up!! I have learned some tricks if the going gets tough but I was able to just ride it without stopping and without most of the tricks.  So excited!

Me! Excited I made it up the hill so strong!
I am amazed I even have climbing legs.  I am convinced it is all the running that carried me up that hill.  It isn’t a huge bluff, it is about 1.2 miles to the top but it is all up.  There are many more challenging bluffs but I haven’t been hill climbing since May so I wasn’t ready to take anything more plus this ride is one of our best, most versatile rides.  Once we get to the top we have 3 or 4 choices on how we go home.  This ride was an 18 mile ride.  We chose the shortest since the sun was setting fast. 

County Road 21 Winona, MN
I have a goal to get 100 miles in before the end of the season, before the bike comes in and sits on the trainer for the winter, but I hope to get more.  I can run all winter, I can swim all winter but cycling is a seasonal sport.  True, some people ride all winter long but that takes very expensive gear and special tires and we have plenty to keep us busy without winter cycling so until the weather dips below 50 we are going to get the miles in every chance we can get. 

Friday, September 24, 2010


Can you see what's on my mind?  I found this Beginner Swim Workout for people like me who haven't been lap swimming in a long time.  I have done some lap swimming in the past couple years as part of a fitness workout but never with any regularity.  It has been since high school that I've done any kind of actual lap swim workouts. 

I like this plan, I am convinced that the 400m endurance workout is going to knock me out the first time.  Maybe even for a whole week

I'm planning on 3x a week, switching between endurance and form workouts and swapping for a speed every 2-3 weeks.  So endurance, form, endurance then endurance, form, speed every 2-3 weeks.  I think I found a plan I can work with until I am ready to move beyond the 1200m distance.  

I think the pool is a 25 yd length.  I don't think it is a metered pool.  I'm not sure about the one at the University where they do the masters swim workouts.  I might eventually join masters but not until I can graduate the pre-beginners workouts.   

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Morrie Miller 5K Race Report

After finishing the Morrie Miller 5K Race
I don’t know how I keep doing this but I managed to damage my calf on the Thursday before the race doing absolutely nothing.  I was rushing between activities to get ready for Yoga and pop! I could feel something in my left calf let go.  Then it felt loose and I couldn’t put pressure on it…just lovely.  

Just a day before, my first pre-race run was a two mile run on Wednesday which went quite well.  I wish I had more training before the race but I’m recovering from injury, I’m glad I got out there and had a good run.

For this race, I was just determined to finish even if I had to walk.  I had somehow encouraged Mr. Man to get back out there. He was training for this one so I was doing it; this race was for him.  His previous PR was 24:31 and he was determined to try to beat it.  He had let work get in the way of health and taking care of him and it was my influence that pushed him to make the active lifestyle a priority again.