Monday, August 2, 2010

The Beginner's Half-Marathon Training Plan

I've been researching training plans for the half marathon and here is what I think I've decided.  I guess I'm looking at a 12 week training program.  That would start my training on August 8th for the Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon on October 30th.  Since I'm training for the Ragnar Relay Great River until August 20th, I'll have to incorporate a 2 week overlap but it's all running so it should be fine. 

Lots of great articles on training out there. I grabbed the Beginner's Half Marathon Program from  I modified to make Sunday and Thursday "REST" days instead of Monday and Friday.  Rest Day is really a cross-training day, not necessarily a non-workout day which I find cool actually because I really miss my bike! (a fun future post subject.)

So for the overlap I'll use the last two weeks of my Ragnar Training Schedule and incorporate a weekly Fartlek (4M). (A new term for me and yet another future post subject!) 

I really like that there are two rest days, unlike the Ragnar plan.  On top of the running, I have my strength conditioning workouts 3-4 times per week and Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday.  I also look forward to learning how to do the Intervals (for speed) and Tempo Runs (for speed and pace).   I really hope I can learn to increase my speed and pace.
I'm excited about trying to follow another plan!  I can't even express the joys I find with running from emotional release to weight loss.  There is lots for me to learn in this training plan and I look forward to it! Each plan and each race keeps me going and this blog is my accountability.  All part of my life changing journey of running it off!  First half marathon, here I come! 


  1. I have been researching half marathon training plans too! I found a plan and have been tweaking it to fit my schedule. :)
    Good luck on training!

  2. Good luck with the training. That plan is a heck of a lot more than I did for my first two half marathons so if you go with that one, I'd say you'll be more than prepared.

  3. This is a lot less intensive that the Ragnar Relay training plan. I'm running 13.2 miles in 3 legs over 24 hrs. After that, a half marathon seems completely doable except for the fact that it is 13.1 miles all at one time and I am still terribly slow. It would be nice to be able to run a faster pace and actually hold it for 13.1 miles!