Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekly Training Update: August 20, 2010

Oh boy, it's the weekly training update and it's behind by 4 days!  I know my running partner, Tara, from 2 Saturday's ago from A New Ending is anxious what I might say about her so I guess I should attempt to recall my week leading up to the Ragnar Relay. 

So we left off last Friday when I hoped to get in a run but the weather just didn't cooperate.  I wanted to get in a long run Saturday so I decided it was OK. 

Saturday Tara came around 6 a.m. and off we went.  I almost can't believe I did 9 miles and it felt great!  New shoes, haven't run in 2 days, haven't run hills in a week, but the extreme humidity and heat was gone hurray!  The miles just seemed to fly by! I think I'm going to start enjoying running and chatting with friends now! :)

I had a few issues with this run but mostly successes.  First of all, I had to readjust my shoes a few times.  They were new so I had to break them in but mostly it was either they were too loose or too tight.  Eventually I got it right and it went just fine.   I am also running slowly still which is frustrating but I am hopeful still.  There are days I feel like I am just not going to ever be a "real" runner but I won't give up. 

The best part was running with a friend.  I can't believe how fast the miles went by as we were talking!  It would just seem like the Garmin beeped a 1 mile lap time then there would be another.  That was sooo cool!  I will definitely look for Saturday long run partners regularly.   I suppose there is always my mp3 player to keep me company but I will do anything to run with a friend! Thank you Tara!

Sunday I took as a rest day and Monday I had a great 3 mile run especially up hills.  I managed a 6:18 min/mile best pace in a short burst!  Why can't I just keep it up?  At least 9 or 10 minute miles which I can do for short periods of time but I can't average it. I keep saying, "it'll come, it'll come" but when?  I suppose that's a reason to keep blogging.  To see where I've been and how far I've come.  

Tuesday I hit the road early and got in a nice 6 mile run.  I was so excited! It was the first time I've actually "ran". I was able to move my legs, long stride and kick up my heels like a real runner for miles. :) And it felt so good! Maybe I can finally pick up my pace. It was 57 degrees when I left the house as well, such a nice morning for a run. I averaged 11:53 min/mile for 6 miles!

Tuesday was a Yoga night.  My yoga teacher is our Ragnar team leader and she took it easy today.   More focus on stretching, core work and relaxation. The rest of the week I was heading into a taper week.  It was a good end to a great few months of Ragnar Relay training.  

Wednesday and Thursday I took it easy, fighting myself not to run.  I wanted to sooo badly but I held off.  Thursday night we decorated our vans for Ragnar and then another more relaxed yoga night.  

Friday the Ragnar Relay finally began!  At 7 a.m. in the morning we were off!  Whew, without dailymile or facebook I would never have been able to recall a weeks worth of training.  It has been a long week, I have so much to catch up on.  Stay tuned for the Race report.  ;) 


  1. It was a good run...cannot wait till our next one, but until then REST!!!!

  2. Hey Ruth! Passin' on a little bloggy award! Thanks for all your great posts!

  3. Trying hard to track down and start following the blogs of all my fellow 'Distance Dreamers'. Hope the training is still going well, and looking forward to your race report.