Friday, September 24, 2010


Can you see what's on my mind?  I found this Beginner Swim Workout for people like me who haven't been lap swimming in a long time.  I have done some lap swimming in the past couple years as part of a fitness workout but never with any regularity.  It has been since high school that I've done any kind of actual lap swim workouts. 

I like this plan, I am convinced that the 400m endurance workout is going to knock me out the first time.  Maybe even for a whole week

I'm planning on 3x a week, switching between endurance and form workouts and swapping for a speed every 2-3 weeks.  So endurance, form, endurance then endurance, form, speed every 2-3 weeks.  I think I found a plan I can work with until I am ready to move beyond the 1200m distance.  

I think the pool is a 25 yd length.  I don't think it is a metered pool.  I'm not sure about the one at the University where they do the masters swim workouts.  I might eventually join masters but not until I can graduate the pre-beginners workouts.   

1 meter = 1.0936133 yds  Good!  I'm not going to worry about conversion.  I'll just start with 400 yd.  

My daughter is in her 2nd year on the high school swim team.  She is loving it.  I know she will be able to give me some tips plus there are coaches I can ask if needed. 

The plan is regular swim workouts through the winter then open water swim in the spring to prepare for my first triathlon in June.  I'm really excited!  

I started out a swimmer in life, then became a cyclist, and most recently added running.  I'm not done running, I love running.  I'm just mixing it up a bit.  

I also really miss my bike so we are planning to get out there while the weather is still good.  There are still a few good weeks left!  Maybe I have 100 miles left in the season.  Now that's a good goal! 100 miles on the bike before it goes on the trainer for the winter. 

So tri-curious I am!  I have a goal.  

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