Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekly Training Update: August 6, 2010

As I said in my post Crazy Week of Running, I wasn't sure if I was going to run Friday or not.  I did end up just doing my strength conditioning DVD which felt great!   It stretched out my leg which has been stiffening up on me all week.

Saturday I had planned my 3X run but I just couldn't get motivated.  With my leg being sore, and so many commitments I couldn't make the time.  I did completely enjoy myself listening to my friends Gregg & Natt play the Midwest Music Fest at the Lyon Smith Art Gallery.  Then I got to hang out afterward and enjoy my evening.  I felt a bit guilty taking the day off but I was able to bump my training plans to Sunday.  I really needed to rest my leg another day which turned out to be a really good idea!

For my 3x run I ran my Ragnar legs which are 6.3, 3.2 and 3.7 miles. Sunday I ran the first 6.2 miles in hot humid 2 pm weather.  It must have affected my brain because I should have ran 6.3 instead. My leg was a little more stiff after this run. After the first leg I  drank a Gatorade Recover, then I ate 2 slices of wheat toast, one with tuna, the other with smart balance chunky peanut butter, and a little later I had a slice of oh so yummy Green Mill Pizza. Then I managed to sleep 1-1/2 hrs before I woke up to get ready. 

For my second leg I ran 3.4 miles at 10 p.m. in still hot but relatively much cooler temperatures.  It was a gorgeous night run with clear skies and multitudes of stars.  I thought I'd make up the .1 miles from the first run but it felt good enough to keep going just a bit more.  I got to use my headlamp, tail light and reflective vest. I love the fact it is so easy to see even in the dark and I'm not limited by daylight runs. This time I showered and I'm headed to sleep for the next 6 hrs. :)

For my last leg I ran 4.1 miles at 6 a.m. in yet still humid and hotter than last night weather. Again, 3.7 turned into 4.1 miles.  I was well rested and just ran a 4 mile route plus an extra .1 because I was running so well.  13.7 total miles in less than 24 hrs.  I did it!  

That night I made Kung Pao Chicken for dinner which my family loves.  I modified it because I only had 1 package of chicken thawed and I added scallops and a couple fillets of tilapia and served it with whole wheat noodles instead of rice.  

Typically I don't eat a full dinner, I eat my biggest meal at the noon hour and lightly in the evenings.  As I age I noticed that if I eat at night I more easily gain weight.  But I ate.  Then as the evening progressed I even hit up dairy queen, something I only do a couple times a year.

Tuesday I woke up very emotional.  I did not get to run Monday night because my leg just needed to rest.  I took Advil at bedtime and iced it over night and woke up feeling OK.  I could have run but I couldn't get out of bed.  Maybe it was just the exhaustion of the 3x run. Sometimes I think I take things as though I screwed up so bad that there is no possible way to recover.  Probably why it's good to write things down because I can see that just isn't the case.  I think running is my anti-depressive, anti-anxiety drug.   

I should have just run in the morning because it was over 100 with the heat index.  I finally got motivated and decided I could get in my 8 mile run by breaking it up again. Another run, yoga, run! I did 4 miles in the hot humid heat and another 4 miles after yoga.  I was able to try out my night gear again.  It was fantastic! 

Wednesday I managed to actually wake up and run an easy 3 miles.  I ran it slow but it felt good to stretch my legs.  By mid morning, my leg was stiffening up again and I could hardly walk down the hall at work to use the bathroom.  I was not happy to say the least.  I decided that I needed to take a break from running.  I went home that night and put my leg up and just iced it.  I was not happy.

Thursday I was starting to become a mess.  I wasn't even sure I wanted to go to work but I did for 1/2 day.  Then I stayed home after lunch to R.I.C.E. (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevate) my leg.  I think depression was kicking in.  I fitfully slept for 2-1/2 hours and woke up and got ready for Yoga.  I needed Yoga!  As usual it felt so good.  

Today is Friday, and after limping around work all morning I called the PT at Sport & Spine The pain is likely from running on banked roads.  I am new to the whole mileage thing and it is just taking it's toll.  The PT did some work on my lower back and amazingly my leg felt great.  I find that really strange that my lower back could affect my leg.  He gave me some exercises to do to build up strength.  

Before PT I had just been practicing RICE after every run and it really helped.  When my leg is warmed up, it feels great, but in between it tightens up and it's not so good.  I will continue with my Yoga Pigeon Pose and add the exercises from PT.  I also might get a foam roller.  Eventually I'll build up the strength and flexibility.  I am definitely learning

The good news is I am free to run!  Tonight I am planning a slow flat 3 mile run around the lake.  Then I'll do the exercises the PT gave me and go from there.  Maybe I can actually get my long run in this weekend! :)

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