Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly Training Update: August 13th, 2010

I wish I had kept this up as the week progressed but it has been a busy week so here I go trying to recall!  As of last Friday, I had visited the PT and we decided a pinched nerve in my lower back was affecting my leg.  Now I don't know if it is the whole story but I can say that concentrating on my lower back has been helping quite a bit.  

Friday I did my strength conditioning workouts and did not run.  The weather around here has not been cooperating nor has my time.  Saturday was a planned birthday outing for a friend.  I did not run that morning either, but just planned a day of fun.  I was still limping around a bit on Saturday so I was glad I took the time off.  Sunday was yet another day of no running.  I did, however, get quite a bit of cleaning done over the weekend!  This is something I haven't done in quite some time.  I planned the family meals, finished my laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and shopped for groceries.  Yay me!

Monday I finally got out there and ran.  I did a flat 5 mile around both lakes.  It was the first day I felt absolutely no pain or tightness in my leg until I started the run!  My leg wasn't happy with me for a the first few yards but it warmed up.  It was a hard, hot and humid run.  The weather is just not cooperating for a comfortable run this past week.  I was determined to just get back into the plan and go.  I did it late evening and finished after dark.  It was still hot and humid.  I finished the run with my first real ice bath.  I am not taking any chances!

Tuesday I woke up and did my 45 minute strength conditioning exercises.  Then after work I did a kick boxing workout and went to yoga. It was so humid outside and was trying to just ease my leg back into  running after not running for 4 days.  I haven't done the kick boxing workout in years.  I was actually surprised I could do it.  It was the easiest I have ever done it but I sweat like crazy! 

Wednesday I struggled to find decent weather to run and around 9:30 at night I headed to the lake for another hot and humid (just can't seem to escape it) 4 mile run.  Now this was fun, no pain, no complaining from my leg at all.  I attempted a fartlek run.  Now I've done this type of thing before, but not with a name to it.  I ran the first mile or so at my normal pace then I started pushing it aiming for a point to run to and trying to sprint.  Now this was difficult since it was DARK.   I really like my headlamp because I can really see but to be honest, running around the lake and through the woods, part of it in the dark, was scary.  At my fastest sprint I ran a 7:26 min/mileIt wasn't for long but it was at around mile 2.5 which was right near the end of the stretch of woods.  I'm thinking I just wanted to get out of there! I ended the night with another ice bath, again, preventative, I don't want more issues!

Thursday must have been the peak of the hot humid heat.  The weather service issued a heat advisory and I just kept looking for the opportunity to run.  My last opportunity was 6 pm before Yoga.  I even compromised to run 2-2 mile runs, stopping at home between but by the time I was ready to run the heat index was still 104!  I was begged not to go and gave in.  I had a great yoga class that night and sweat like I never have before in an air conditioned studio!  It was so hot, the studio could not cool off even at 7:30 at night.  I guess I was glad I didn't run but I did miss it.  :(

Today is Friday.  I had set the alarm for 4:45 hoping to finally get in a decent run but no, of course I couldn't.  Severe thunderstorm warnings and flood watch all morning.  So I hit the doze and slept in.  I think the severe heat and humidity has finally stormed away.  I'm looking to do a 6 pm run in 80 degree weather with less humidity.  I didn't want to run tonight, it's Friday.  I hoped to just do my strength conditioning workouts and then relax but I need to run.  

Tomorrow I have an early morning run planned with 3 other women.  Now that should be interesting, last time I ran with someone it was my slowest pace of the season!  Hopefully I learned some lessons and I can run without expending my energy talking too much.  

So that's the week.  What a disappointment!  On a positive note my leg feels better and I can run without pain or tightness.  I'm learning how to take ice baths, and next week is the race!  I am excited about what's ahead! :)


  1. I know weeks where you don't log the miles you want to can be really frustrating, but it sounds like this was probably the best thing for your leg. Hopefully, a full recovery and cooler temps are just right around the corner for you!

  2. Cannot wait to see what you write about our I hope I made you push yourself a bit...but not too much. I have never ran with someone where I was a bit ahead. I believe I was only ahead after the hills since I must be more trained on them because otherwise I believe we run a similar pace! Maybe we can push each other on another (shorter) run to run a faster pace!

  3. Hope your run went well...glad to hear your legs are feeling better!