Friday, August 13, 2010

How I Decided to Run a Half Marathon

Although I'm overwhelmingly busy right now I thought I'd take the time to answer a couple questions from last weeks Distance Dreamers post. Yes, I am again behind on my challenges but life itself is a challenge and I'm trying to keep up. :)  Distance Dreamers is a source of motivation and encouragement for me since I have made the decision to attempt my first half marathon

What made you decide you wanted to run a long distance race?
Wow what a question.  I do enjoy a challenge. I'd have to think back as to why I thought I could.   It isn't the Ragnar Relay because I thought about running a half before I thought about the Ragnar Relay.  I guess when the bug bit it took some time for me to catch the fever.  I think the final answer is I know others who have done it and I decided I could do it too I just didn't know how to get there.

Before this year, I knew I liked the benefits of running.  I liked the way it shaped my body, helped me control and lose weight, and the emotional benefits as well but it was always just a workout.  I know with running some days are like that, you have to force yourself out the door, but I never ran more than 3 miles at a time before this year and it was always a struggle. 

It was the Ragnar Relay that pushed me to run more than 3 miles at a time as I started my first ever training plan.  I've never used a training plan but it certainly has helped me to get out of bed in the morning or out the door after work to run because the ITS ON THE PLAN I have to!  Since I've started to run more miles, I have come to LOVE RUNNING!  I enjoy it, I want to do it, it isn't a struggle to get out the door.  Some day's it is by habit, some days it is by need, and I enjoy it. :)  So I guess through training for the Ragnar Relay I found out how to get there.  I can't wait!

Why the full marathon or half as your distance of choice?
I chose a half marathon because it is well, a HALF a marathon.  I've ran 5K races and one 10K this year so half is the next logical step, right?  I've chosen my first full marathon in June 2011.  I haven't registered yet but when  I do you can bet you'll see a post about it!

Why was this the year to go for it?

This IS the year and the answer is "why not"?  I am on a roll.  I am on a training plan and I am loving having a goal, a next race, something to get me out the door running.  The plan keeps me going and I'm on track.  I don't know if I will like it, but I know that I will do it again.  I already know I want to run it faster, to PR, to challenge myself further, and I haven't even run one yet!  I'm so excited! :)

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  1. You are going to do great at your first 1/2! The good news is too that if you can do a Ragnar, you can definitely do a 1/2 marathon. In fact, most relay training plans are built off 1/2 marathon schedules. The biggest difference will be the long run on the weekend. Can't wait to follow your journey.