Saturday, August 14, 2010

SOWL Challenge #5: Little Rewards

OK, a couple more posts to catch up.  I can't continually be so behind, can I?  That's one thing about me, I will keep striving towards the goal no matter what.  I'm don't give up.  

This challenge is to discuss our rewards.  Do I reward myself is a good question.  I do plan rewards.  I have 5 lb mini goals.  As each approaches I do try to give myself a reward to work towards. This year one of my first rewards was a date night.  Rewarding myself with food is not desired but this was a sushi dinner and a walk in the park.  I figured it was healthy and didn't need to over eat. It was about spending time enjoying my evening out! 

It's been a while since that reward.  For my last reward I wanted a pedicure, manicure and another date night.  I never did reward myself, I've decided to do the pedicure and manicure for my next 5 lb mini goal because that will likely be after the Ragnar Relay.  If I don't hit the goal, I'll do it anyway, it will be a gift to myself for finishing Ragnar! I look forward to enjoying a foot massage and having my nails done. :)  

More and more I'm finding myself rewarding my fitness, not my weight loss.  I think this is working better for me.  For example, I want to go out and have a drink with friends but I won't do it unless I accomplish the daily workout, usually a run and sometimes some strength conditioning, or yoga.  After all it's the workouts that contribute to weight loss, right? 

So what are my rewards?  Short term rewards are that drink out with friends, a movie night, or a hot oil bath (not on long run days of course).  Longer term are pedicure, manicure, or a new running outfit. As I get closer to my fitness goals there are rewards like new clothing (smaller sized of course!).  I'm not sure what else I'd want.  I do like the spa day idea.  When I make my final weight goal maybe a mini spa vacation with friends.  :)

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