Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SOWL Final Weekly Weigh-In

Ok for my next feat I will attempt my final report of the SOWL: Summer of Weight Loss challenge

As far as weight loss, I have somehow managed to maintain a constant 165 since August 17th.   That’s 5 weeks of nothing.  I have decided I am too dependent on running for weight loss.  I really need to find a back up plan in the case of injury.  Part of it I discovered yesterday: spinning.  I should have gotten on my bike trainer and rode it hard.  I’d have kept my cardio up and I could have still kicked it on my strength conditioning workouts. 

So for a weight loss re-cap for this challenge.  I joined the challenge on July 13th.  I think it was just what I needed to push me back on track.  In the month of June I managed an 8 lb gain since May 26.  I was doing horrible.  I was kicking it back in gear with my July training but the motivation I found through this challenge I think carried me until the Ragnar Relay Great River on August 20-21. 

So a big thank you to Kerri at mom vs. marathon and all the SOWL participants for their inspiring posts and progress.  I have four draft posts for the Summer of Weight loss still pending so “my inspiration” will carry on beyond the September 22 finish date.  Stay tuned!

Here is my final SOWL widget update which I will be taking down as of today.  

Challenge Dates:
July 1-Sept 22, 2010

Total Lost Since 2/2010: 27.0

Weight on 5/26/2010: 170

Starting Weight on 7/01/2010: 178

Weight on 09/22/2010: 165

Weight -/+ this Week: +/- 0

SOWL Goal: 154

Final Goal: 125-135 (won't know till I get there)


  1. Thanks for participating! 165! Not too shabby! Thinking of doing a holiday version of this challenge, just in case you're interested...

  2. Great article i love to read it, congrats for losing weight.