Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SOWL Weekly Weigh-In

So far I've missed one official SOWL report the weekend of the Ragnar Relay.  This report is my September 10th report and again, just last week, I have no progress to report.  So I'll make this an injury report.

As of Thursday, September 9, I now have pulled something in my calf.  I felt the pop, twinge but never pain, swelling or bruising.  There is  a definite sore lump inside the side of calf.  I actually went to the doctor yesterday and thankfully she doesn't think anything is seriously wrong.  Just keep exercising it and when I feel ready I can get back out there. 

I was able to run on it Saturday, September 11  in the Morrie Miller 5K run.  I concentrated on form, cadence, foot placement, and stride to increase pace and amazingly I ran a 11:40 min/mile while being cautious with my leg.  I don't understand how I did that but I did.  I think my soreness since the 5K race is more a result of lack of running since Ragnar than any specific injury at this point.  

Today I'm limping and achy but the sore lump in my calf is definitely better.  I'm definitely headed back to the YMCA today for some leg exercises, maybe a walk on the treadmill to see how that goes and then Yoga tonight.  I'm convinced I'll be able to run the next 5K this Saturday.  I will be able to do it even if I run it like last Saturday .  I just wish I could be actually be fully prepared for one of these races.  I'm just hoping to finish them at this point, a PR is out of the question sadly.

I'm so upset that I have actually cried over this.  I would like to be able to run.  I miss it and I miss the weight loss.  I know that this is my first year as as runner.  I don't think I pushed it too hard, and I am not discouraged.  I will get back out there.

I'm going to have to learn to do more cross training and kick this borderline depressive behavior I've gotten myself into.  Maybe get on the trainer and spin for cardio, definitely keep up Yoga, and get to the YMCA and concentrate on those leg exercises. Today is a new day.  Again, I start over. 


  1. Definitely spice up your workouts...it totally got me out of my depression rut with bum-ankle-woes.

  2. Keep it up Ruth...you will get through this and your body will be stronger after all is said and done! Cannot wait to run with you again!

  3. Don't be discouraged, Ruth. Cheer up. Chin up! You will definitely get better. :)