Friday, July 16, 2010

SOWL Weekly Weigh-In

I've updated my SOWL Widget with the weekly weigh-in!

Nothing much to report other than it was a good week for weight loss.  I still have a 2 lb gain since 5/26 but I'm running it off quite nicely now! Nothing can stop me now!

When I hit the next 5 lb goal at...well, since I'm publishing numbers now I might as well just say it...169, (ugh!) I think I'll treat myself to a pedicure/manicure and a nice healthy dinner out.  It seems like a lot of rewards but I have been struggling with the 170's for too long.  I will be glad to say GOODBYE!

For a nice healthy dinner out, I'm thinking of The Harbor View Cafe in Pepin, WI.  I've heard great things!  Does anyone want to go with?

I'm still struggling to find one of those nail salons with the rows of salon pedi-chairs where I can just sit and chat side by side with a friend and relax while having my feet pampered.  Doesn't that sounds fabulous?  If anyone has a suggestion as to where, please leave me a comment!

Wow, I'm motivating myself. I better get back to it!

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