Friday, July 30, 2010

Crazy Week of Running

Well, it was a crazy week of running for me! After the 12.8 mile Saturday, I had a much needed day of rest on Sunday.

Monday was another crazy emotional day and I was determined to get my strength conditioning workouts in and a 5 mile run.

First thing I did was spend some time making Spicy Bok Choy in Garic Sauce.  I really have fun with cooking.  I haven't had the time for some real cooking in a long time.  I love to cook, both for family and to entertain friends.  It was great to take the time to make a kitchen creation thanks to SWOL Challenge #2.

Then I spent some time blogging about Saturday's run and the Bok Choy recipe and then finally I got to my strength conditioning DVD.  It was really getting late but I was determined. 

I got out for my run after 11 p.m. and It was still very hot and humid.  I was excited to take the Petzl Tikka Plus headlamp and Amphipod Xinglet's reflective vest for a trial run.   As I headed out I felt like such a dork but it was so cool!  I could see and be seen and I no longer fear after dark runs. I only managed to run 2 miles of the 5 miles I had planned but it was late and I just was glad to get enough miles in to push me over 100 miles for the month.  :)

Tuesday I went to yoga which was really nice.  I was still stiff from Saturday's run and it felt oh so good!  But it was another day of no running. 

Wednesday was our Ragnar Relay Great River team meeting and then I ran a 5 miles around the lakes.  I was still quite stiff but it only took 1/2 mile for my leg to warm up and I managed my best 5 mile time yet!

Thursday was fantastic as I ran 6 miles, yoga and another 3 miles! Run, Yoga, Run!  I loved it!  I was on such a high!  I had so much energy and I felt so great.  I was stiff and a little sore for almost 3 miles of the first run but then I was warmed up and finished the last 3 quite easily. Then I even managed to go out that night and reward myself for my hard work.

Today I'm stiff again but my body is getting used to the miles. I'm not sure if I'll run tonight, I might just do my strength conditioning DVD because tomorrow I'm planning to run my Ragnar Relay legs.  That's a 3X run tomorrow on the actual course!

For some reason, morning runs this week have not happened at all.  I really need to get back on the schedule. After typing all that it really wasn't that bad of a week but I am certainly off schedule.  I guess I am training my body to endure the miles and that takes time.

I am certainly enjoying blogging my progress, the ups and the downs of Running It Off.  I can't wait to see where my running takes me. :)

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  1. Sounds like a great week! You are definitely getting the miles in!