Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Pace

I did it! I finally pushed a sub 12 min/mile.  Granted it was only a 3 mile run but that is what I think I'm going to use the 3 mile runs for, to push harder and train my body to endure.  So here's the stats:

Time: 00:35:57
Distance: 3.07 mi
Elevation Gain: 118 ft.
Elevation Loss: 139 ft.
Moving Time: 00:35:45 (accounting for stopping for traffic)
Best Pace: 8:44 min/mile
Avg HR: 175 bpm (this is up but I pushed harder)

Split 1: 10:25 min/mile
Split 2: 11:37 min/mile
Split 3: 12:59 min/mile

Avg Pace: 11:42 min/mile
Avg Moving Pace: 11:38 min/mile

As far as elevation, the first mile is basically downhill, some rolling but mostly down.  The second mile is basically flat, and the third is mostly uphill.  So the spit times make sense, right?

So I'm excited!  It is still embarrassing but it is improvement for me.  Now to just keep trying to maintain a more constant pace and keep pushing!  Again, a lot of 9 min/mile peaks in the graph so I just need to start eliminating more of the dips and my pace will be up.  Watching my pace really helps.

Realize, in 2008, my 5K PR is 33:07 but I was 28 lb lighter then.  Based on that I might actually be doing better.  I bet my could PR by a long shot if i was 28 lb lighter, right? 

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