Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Training: July 3-7, 2010

Time to ramp it back up...again.  June was a difficult month.  I noticed I haven't lost weight since my last record on May 26th.  At least I'm not gaining, at least not that much.  If I keep running I should be able to catch up with my 5 lb a month goal.

Here was the plan: I started with a 5K run the morning I left for my trip.  Then I mapped out some runs on for both cities I traveled to and actually stuck with the plan!  I managed 4.15 mile on Sunday and 5.2 miles on Monday.  Tuesday was travel home day and instead of running I napped off the travel.  Funny how you can sit in a car for hours and be tired when you get home.

I also switched from (NOT) finding time in the evening to run to mornings.  MUCH better! :)  I just have to fight with the obeying the alarm clock and going to bed at a decent hour. 

This morning I did a 6 mile run.  My Avg HR is going down...again, and my average pace is going down...again.  So frustrated to have to basically start over but it's improving fast.  Distance still doesn't seem to be a problem but average pace needs to improve.  I'm concerned  I won't be running 10 minute mile pace by Ragnar but it's still possible.

So total mileage so far in July...18.


  1. If it makes you feel better I probably won't be running a 10 minute mile knee injury has slowed me down. How do you plan on getting there...I have no idea how to do it!

  2. I'm going to post my Ragnar training schedule soon. I can run the first mile at at 10 min/mile but that's it so far. I think as I keep running I will be able to hold more and more miles at the 10 min/mile pace. Maybe not by Ragnar but I'll be closer! I started attempting a 3 mile "push-run" in which I use my Garmin to watch my pace and start pushing it when my pace slows. I think I can train my body to endure faster paces longer this way.

  3. Tara, I found this post on "how to do it" I'm very interested.