Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What to bring the day of the race

With all the running I'm doing, I'm starting to figure out exactly what I will need come race day.

First, after every run I am soaked from head to foot so I definitely will need 3 complete changes of clothing:  shirt, shorts/skirt, headband, underwear and socks.  I only have 2 exercise bras so that will have to do.

Next is proper nutrition which I'm studying. From what I read I need high glycemic foods while running and for recovery after a run and low glycemic foods between runs.  I will make that a subject of a future post.

Of course there are the safety items.  I remembered that each team needs 4 headlamps but after as sweaty as I get while running I decided I do not want to put on someone's gross sweaty headlamp band so I bought a Petzl Tikka Plus. Chafe preventive Body Glide goes on this list too.  I also have 2 Amphipod Xinglet's which should satisfy the reflective vest requirements.

Ragnar also has a Race Day Checklist with many of the same thing I discovered and more.  There are so many important things I haven't yet thought of like instant cold packs, mole skin, tape, ace bandages, band aids, pain pills, etc. just in case.

I'm learning that running a relay is more than just showing up on race day and running, especially the Ragnar Relay.  Learning to run with a proper recovery and an injury prevention plan so we can run, recover, repeat and have fun!

And remember, we have more important things to worry about like what costumes to wear and how to decorate our van!


  1. Don't forget to train with the items you will be using to fuel yourself with. Otherwise, come race day, you may have a not so good reaction to it if you have never tried it before! I feel so unprepared.

  2. I agree with Tara above. Do try the fuel/fluids that you will be using just to make sure that your belly will agree with them.

    Again, thanks for commenting on my blog. I started out running a 13:00+min/mile pace. Now, I am trying to run faster. I cannot sustain 9:00+ mim/mile pace for long yet. I think my comfortably hard pace is about a 10ish. But, we can all work toward a faster pace. :) The important thing is we are out there running.
    Keep up the good work.