Monday, July 12, 2010

An Upswing...and so much to share!

So much has happened and it is hard to know where to start. So I'll just dive into a topic.  I finished my first 10K race!   I started thinking my purpose was so the person in front of me was not last. Hey, it's a purpose...and best of all it was a PR since it was my first 10K.  It was a beautiful course, lots of rolling hills but nothing too difficult. I was as slow as I expected but I did it!

Now a few words about my "running partner".  I love my Garmin Forerunner 405CX.  I can't believe the stats it produces.  I'm so glad I had it on this race.  My best pace was 6:47 min/mile which is insane. My pace at the finish was 9:59 min/mile and my average moving pace was 12:35 min/mile.  The Garmin certainly gives me an overall picture of my progress.  If I can just make those dips in pace not dip so far so often.  I'm thinking there is hope for me yet! 

On the weight loss side of running,  I am coming back down, finally.  I am frustrated about weight loss.  To have only 19 lb to my goal weight in 2008, then gain 48 lbs in the 2009 only loose 22 lb so far in 2010 then to put back on 10 lb in June only to struggle to loose it again in July.  So today, I'm back to my last weight goal after loosing 6 lb of the June weight, so 5 lb to the next goal, of which I was only 1 lb away from at the end of May.  I can only say I need to keep running.  I hate to post weight loss numbers but this is my way to motivate myself.  If I keep it public then I won't want to keep posting like this so I'll be motivated to keep going!  Right?

Lastly, training.  I ran 26 miles last week.  My average HR is down, my miles are up and my speed is improving...slowly, but improving.   Running in the morning is helping with my busy schedule.  Then I'm done!  It leaves evenings for my 45 minute muscle conditioning DVD and Yoga. I think I may have a routine going!

Running it off is not just for weight loss but also to release life stresses.  So many things to learn to let go.  I don't believe it will ever end.  Life will continually produce stress, situations will continue to be depressing, and I will occasionally fail, but I will also keep going, enjoy life's excitement and keep running it off!

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  1. Yay congrats! I am fighting off weight again since I gained 10 lbs since my marathon in May...and that means I have about 22 lbs to my goal rather than the 12 I had to go before the marathon...ugh. I hope you can remain a motivation to me in the following months!!